February 21, 2024
Will Breedlove Obituary

Will Breedlove Obituary, Oconee County Murder-Suicide Kills Father And Son – Death

Will Breedlove Obituary, Death – The loss of Will Breedlove and his cherished kid has left their family, friends, and neighbors in a state of sadness. Both men’s lives were cut terribly short. It is crucial for the community to remember and celebrate the lives of the victims as they come to grips with the terrible loss that has befallen them. As part of this process, it is helpful to think about the influence the victims had on those who were closest to them.

A Tribute to the Remarkable Life of Will Bre “We’re confident it was murder-suicide based on the fact that the suspect called and told us that he had shot his son and that he was calling to ask for an ambulance,” Oconee Sheriff James Hale said Wednesday afternoon. “We’re confident it was murder-suicide based on the fact that the suspect called and told us that he had shot his son,” the sheriff added. According to the report from the sheriff, the killings took place at approximately 5 p.m. on a property located off of Colham Ferry Road south of Watkinsville. At this time, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation into a shooting incident that took place late on Tuesday evening at a well-known farming business and resulted in the deaths of a father and son.

According to Hale, after Powers placed the 911 call, deputies arrived on the site, and it seemed that Powers had died as a result of a gunshot wound that he had inflicted upon himself. Because of his involvement with Walton EMC, where he had previously served on the board of directors, Powers was well known in the community. As a result of a startling murder-suicide incident, the community in Oconee County is coming to terms with the loss of two lives, which is a turn of events that is both terrible and devastating.

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