February 23, 2024
Terry Bisogno Obituary

Terry Bisogno Obituary, The Voice Of Long Island Race Announcer Dies From Cancer – Death

Terry Bisogno Obituary, Death – The runners gathered at Bisogno’s house on Monday after completing a short distance of running in the scorching sun outside Plainedge Park. There, they offered words of encouragement to the ailing broadcaster, who was visible on FaceTime from North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset. Bisogno welcomed each competitor by name and greeted them with well wishes as they passed him during the race.

Runners came from all across the region and as far away as Australia to give their congratulations. Outside of Bisogno’s house was a director’s chair emblazoned with the words “The Voice of Long Island,” which was surrounded by several plaques and awards that he had been given over the course of his career. Joseph Saladino, the Town Supervisor of Oyster Bay, explained what it was like to see the town come together for Terry on Monday.

“You come out to a sea of people all showing their love for Terry who’s made such a difference in the running community,” he added. “You come out to a sea of people all showing their love for Terry who’s made such a difference in the running community.” “And now all of them have gathered here to tell Terry, ‘Terry, we love you!'” Because Terry is hospitalized at the moment, the event planners made arrangements for him to watch the turnout through Zoom and connect remotely with the running community. “It means so much that they are so appreciative of what I do to enhance their races and their events,” Bisogno said in an interview with Newsday. “The turnout is so unexpected and impressive it’s crazy. You get a true understanding of how much people truly care about you and how much appreciation they have for you. It’s beyond my wildest imagination.”

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