February 19, 2024
Robert Wacunas Obituary, Robert Wacunas Has Died - Death Cause

Robert Wacunas Obituary, Robert Wacunas Has Died – Death Cause

Robert Wacunas Obituary, Death – We are writing to express our deepest condolences on the loss of Mr. Robert R. Wacunas, who resided in South Bend, Indiana. Please accept our heartfelt condolences on his passing. Someone who was a part of your family was named Mr. Wacunas. The 3rd of July, 2023 was the day that Mr. Wacunas left this world. We are truly sorry that we have to be the ones to break this news to you, and we want to offer our apologies for any trouble that this may create.

At the time of the interview, he had already lived 84 years of his life. His mother Frances Fozo and his son Garry Chadwell had already made the transfer to the afterlife when he passed away, so there was no need to worry about them. He was able to see them both right up until the moment he passed away. Before he left, he was the last member of his family still alive; before him, all of his other relatives had already passed away. Pamela Myers (Dave) and his wife Sandra Wacunas (Tennis) are his surviving children. He is also survived by his wife.

Jill Chadwell, his daughter-in-law, as well as the actors Linda Weist (who played Dave), Dwayne Wacunas (who played Alan), and Michele Layne (who played Monty). Jill Chadwell, who was his daughter-in-law, is one of the people who will go on after him. One of the individuals who will continue on after he has passed away is his former daughter-in-law, Jill Chadwell. Dave Myers, Dwayne Wacunas, and Dave Weist are the names of the men who are the fathers of his children’s marriages. Each of his children married a man with one of these names.

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