February 27, 2024

Roach Middle School Frisco Traffic Collision, Leaves 1 Dead -Death

Roach Middle School Frisco Traffic Collision – According to the reports of the police, a fatal accident that took place adjacent to a middle school in the Frisco Independent School District was responsible for the passing of one individual. Because of the disruption to the normal flow of traffic leading up to the school, the institution’s official Facebook page announced that there would be no penalties for arriving late.

Roach Middle School may be found on the 12400 block of Independence Parkway, which is located at the intersection of Frisco and McKinney. Both of these cities are located in close proximity to one another. An notice that was placed on the Roach Middle School’s Facebook page claims that an accident that occurred on Wednesday morning forced the traffic that goes up to the campus of the school to flow more slowly than it normally does.

The school reached out to the parents through a post that was published on Facebook and asked them to “Please be patient as you continue to make your first day of school drop-offs.” In addition, the school announced that there would be no punishments for tardiness on Wednesday, and that pupils were free to arrive late if they desired to do so. In light of the circumstances surrounding this matter, WFAA has inquired about it by contacting the Frisco Independent School District.

In addition, WFAA has dispatched a team to the region in order to gather any further information that may be accessible there.

A collision that took place on Wednesday morning close to a middle school in the Frisco Independent School District is reported to have resulted in the passing of at least one person. WFAA was informed by the McKinney police department that there was a fatality that took place in the area of Roach Middle School. The McKinney Police Department was kind enough to supply us with this information. The initial report did not provide any further particulars or details in its presentation.


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