March 4, 2024
Justin Rhodes Obituary, Justin Rhodes Has Passed Away - Death

Justin Rhodes Obituary, Justin Rhodes Has Passed Away – Death

Justin Rhodes Obituary, Death Cause – The harrowing event took place at approximately 4:02 p.m. on Lancaster Boulevard, situated just west of Valley Central Way. According to statements provided by Lt. Mark Pope of the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station to City News Service, the collision proved fatal, leaving Rhodes deceased at the scene. The medical examiner’s office further confirmed his untimely demise. Reports indicate that Justin Rhodes had no disclosed place of residence and was suspected of being homeless. The circumstances surrounding his life situation are part of an ongoing investigation.

Details of the incident reveal that a woman had brought her vehicle to a halt, intending to allow individuals she believed to be homeless to cross the street safely. At this juncture, a man, later identified as Justin Rhodes, abruptly arose from a bus bench and made contact with the woman’s car. Shockingly, he then attempted to open her car door, presumably with the intention of entering the vehicle. In response to this alarming action, the female driver accelerated her car, seemingly in an attempt to drive away from the situation.

Tragically, this sequence of events resulted in Justin Rhodes sustaining fatal injuries during the course of the vehicle’s movement. Despite these grim circumstances, the Lancaster Sheriff’s Department has not yet disclosed the identity of the female driver involved in the incident. Furthermore, an official statement concerning the specifics surrounding the collision has yet to be released by the sheriff’s officials. As of now, no additional information has been made available to the public.

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