February 23, 2024
John Moy Obituary, A Remarkable Life Remembered - Death

John Moy Obituary, A Remarkable Life Remembered – Death

John Moy Obituary, Death Cause – In a somber announcement that has left the martial arts community in mourning, we must regretfully inform you of the passing of former student and Scottish Karate Champion John Moy. John’s departure from this world occurred at his home in Eaglesham on a Friday night, leaving behind a legacy that will forever remain in the hearts of those who knew him and admired his remarkable achievements in the realm of karate. John Moy was a shining star in the world of karate, and his dedication, talent, and sportsmanship were exemplars to all who crossed his path. The Scottish Karate scene witnessed the emergence of this remarkable young man who proved that hard work, commitment, and unwavering determination could lead to the pinnacle of success.

One of John’s most remarkable accomplishments was his victory in the Under 75 Kilos Junior Grade Male Kumite at the Kelvin Hall in November 2002. This victory not only showcased his incredible skill and technique but also demonstrated his ability to rise to challenges and overcome opponents with grace and finesse. His performance on that day left an indelible mark on the hearts of all those who were present to witness his triumph. However, John Moy’s legacy doesn’t stop at individual accolades. He was also an integral part of the first Yamakai Male squad to clinch the Junior Male Team Kumite title on that same historic day. This victory underscored his prowess as a team player, his capacity to collaborate seamlessly with his teammates, and his invaluable contribution to the collective success of his group. John’s presence was a driving force that inspired those around him to reach new heights and pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved.

John’s journey in the world of karate was not just about trophies and titles; it was a testament to his passion for the art, his dedication to continuous improvement, and his respect for the values that karate embodies – discipline, respect, and humility. He was not only a competitor but also a role model for aspiring athletes and enthusiasts alike. Beyond the dojo and the competition floor, John was known for his kind and affable nature. His willingness to mentor and support fellow karatekas, regardless of their skill level, was a testament to his character and his desire to see others succeed. He leaves behind a void that will be felt not only by his friends and family but by the entire karate community.

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