March 4, 2024
Chris Vallejo Car Accident Austin TX, Chris Vallejo Involved in Car Crash

Chris Vallejo Car Accident Austin TX, Chris Vallejo Involved in Car Crash

Chris Vallejo Car Accident – On Sunday, July 2, 2023, the world was robbed of the presence of a really remarkable individual. Cris Vallejo was a loyal husband, a proud new father, and a loving son. Sadly, he passed away in a car accident while he was on his way to spend the holiday weekend with his family. Known for being a faithful companion throughout his life, Cris and Marcy’s beloved dog Dale also lost away as a result of this catastrophe, taking Cris with him when he left this earth.

We are coming to terms with the immensity of this loss, and as we do so, we ask for your love, prayers, and support as we try to be there for Cris’s wife, Marcy, and their nine-month-old baby, Van, at this extremely trying time. Cris had an adventurous spirit from the moment he was born, and it was this spirit that guided him through his unusual life. Cris immediately enlisted in the military after graduating from high school, motivated to do so by his profound affection for our nation and his strong wish to see it protected.

Cris was in the military for twenty years, during which time he went on many deployments, heroically met the hardships of each mission, made a large number of lifelong friends along the way, and, to his great relief, was able to come home after each deployment. He was beyond a shadow of a doubt a truly badass soldier, exemplifying the special forces division’s highest standards of dedication and bravery. Cris had an unrivaled love for his family, and he was overflowing with pride at the prospect of becoming a parent for the first time to Van. He brought the same fire and zest to parenting that he did to the rest of his life, and he treasured every time he spent with his kid. Marcy and Van were his entire world, and he made it a point to let them know it on a daily basis.

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