February 20, 2024
Car Accident In Kempsey Today

Car Accident In Kempsey Today, One Dead After Fatal Crash

Car Accident In Kempsey Today – The oil that was being transported by the ordinary freight truck was deemed to be a dangerous substance by the fire teams, and it was controlled as such. The smoke plume was carried away by light breezes from the westerly direction, but a specialized foam truck was used to smother the area and keep the smoke plume down. According to Inspector Lenthall, the vehicle that caused the collision was completely consumed by fire, and the front trailer of the B-double trailer that it hit was also consumed by fire.

The other trailers attached to the stationary B-double trailer that had been hauling furnishings were also damaged by the accident. Inspector Lenthall stated that there was a third truck that was engaged in the black, and that truck carried engine oil. The engine oil was being carried by the oncoming freight truck. In addition, a guy aged 56 and a male driver aged 38 were engaged in the collision; however, neither of them required medical attention as a result of their injuries.

Inspector Tony Lenthall from Fire and Rescue NSW stated that it appears at this stage that one truck carrying ordinary freight was involved in a collision with two other trucks. After the incident that occurred after 4:30 a.m. on Friday, May 12, a male motorist who was 55 years old was taken to the hospital to undergo tests for drugs and alcohol. “It’s come up the back and clipped the two stationary trucks,” he said. “It’s not moving.” “According to the information that I’ve gathered, it seems that the fire was caused by the diesel fuel tank of the first truck being ruptured when it collided with the rear of the third truck. This is what has caused the fire.”

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