February 26, 2024
Brian Eldridge Obituary

Brian Eldridge Obituary Minnesota, Family Mourns Brian Eldridge Death

Brian Eldridge Obituary, Death – “Brian, you have inspired people to want to help make life better for you.” “I believe the things that we have learnt and that you have helped us to remember will be your legacy. In memory of your life, everyone of us ought to be moving forward with a greater concern for our fellow humans, particularly those who are the most defenseless among us. The obituary included two photos: One is Brian Eldridge’s senior photo, taken around the time he graduated from Central High School in St. Paul in 1965, and the other is from October 2022 during an outing the brothers took to Taylors Falls. The 2022 photo doesn’t show Brian Eldridge’s long hair or trademark ratty jacket, he said.

“Brian’s hair was down to the middle of his calves when he died,” he said. “He’d let it grow for probably 45 years. He wouldn’t cut it. My mom once offered him $10,000 to cut his hair, and he wouldn’t do it. At that point, it was just, ‘It’s mine.’ Of course it made him look even more different than he already did.” Eldridge, age 76, was located by law enforcement in his apartment in Mounds View on July 11 after his brother had called the police and asked them to check on Eldridge. According to Steve Eldridge, Brian Eldridge, who passed away due to natural causes, had been dead for at least four days, and possibly longer.

Steve Eldridge, who has a home in Philomath, Oregon, informed his brother that he and his family will soon be arriving in town and that they were hoping to run into him on their journey “up north.” “I called to tell him we were coming and see if all of us could visit him,” he added. “I called to tell him we were coming.” “I called for four days in a row, and there was no answer, so I called the police.”Eldridge stated that the last time they communicated was. A retired priest in the town of Crosslake, Minnesota, stated in a letter that he had included Eldridge’s obituary in the homily that he delivered over the weekend.


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