February 20, 2024
Bernie Griffin Obituary, Bernie Griffin Has Died - Death

Bernie Griffin Obituary, Bernie Griffin Has Died – Death

Bernie Griffin Obituary, Death – When we found out that Bernie Griffin had died away, each and every one of us was taken completely by surprise. The news of his passing hit each and every one of us like a ton of bricks since he played such an important part in the music scene in our city. Without him, our lives are going to be profoundly lacking in meaning and purpose.

Due to the fact that Bernie managed the day-to-day business operations of the independent record label Global Routes Music and presented the Border Radio Show on 95bFM for a considerable amount of time, he was in a position to be of assistance to a large number of musicians who were at various points in the course of their respective careers. This was possible due to the fact that Bernie held both of these roles. This was something that might have been done since Bernie was able to host the Border Radio Show for such a significant amount of time, which made it possible for this to take place.

A pioneer in the local music scene who is also a vocalist and composer of high caliber in the country and Americana subgenres, as well as a champion for the cause and an illuminating mentor to younger musicians. Our sincerest sympathies go out to Bernie’s family, friends, and especially to his devoted wife, Kirsten Warner, whom he has left behind. We are heartbroken over his passing. We are all well aware of how much she will mourn his absence. Our deepest condolences go out to you on the loss that you have endured.

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