March 2, 2024
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Aubrie Shears Obituary, Learn More About Aubrie Shears Death

Aubrie Shears Obituary, Death – The death of Aubrie Shears occurred on Thursday, August 3rd. (WKRC) – ST. BERNARD, Ohio (WHIO) Aubrie Shears always has a smile on her face, whether she is sitting on her father’s knee to watch the Reds play or driving about in her red G-Wagon.

You have no way of knowing that she might be in some of her dying moments right now. Her mother, Mariah Morrow, commented that her daughter is undeniably a warrior, which is one of the reasons why this circumstance is so challenging. Since the very beginning, she has never displayed even the slightest symptom of discomfort.

Dilated cardiomyopathy is what Aubrie is suffering from. Morrow stated that “the left side of her heart isn’t pumping the way it’s supposed to,” referring to the patient in question. In youngsters, the condition is extremely uncommon.

Morrow explained the anguish they are going through so that other people can have a better comprehension of what other families who are going through something similar are going through. Even while there are organizations out there that have resources that may be used, there are a significantly larger number of families that are in need of assistance, which leaves some people, like Aubrie, without any options.

In order to provide proper care for Aubrie and reduce costs, Morrow was forced to give up her career and move back in with her parents. When Aubrie was only five months old, she underwent her first heart transplant. Up until about February in the year 2023, her recuperation was going swimmingly. “While she was spending the night at her father’s house, she suffered a fatal cardiac arrest.” They had to do CPR on the victim for around two hours. Morrow reported that the woman’s pulse was very irregular.

Despite being placed on life support, Aubrie miraculously survived her ordeal without suffering any brain damage. Up until the month of May, things were beginning to look up again. “They were performing a biopsy to do a normal routine check on her heart, and she went into cardiac arrest while they were doing it.” “She was restarted on the artificial life support system,” Morrow said. The medical staff was extremely pessimistic about Aubrie’s chances of surviving on her own, yet she did.

Now, just three months away from being three years old, Aubrie requires yet another organ transplant. However, because her first transplant occurred only a short time ago, she won’t be eligible for another one until March of 2024. The medical staff is pessimistic about her chances of survival after this point. “Even if she is able to pull through at that point, there is a significant chance that she won’t be able to pull through the surgery. It would pretty much be the same circumstance, as far as it infecting the new heart and us being in the same predicament, if she did make it through the operation, as she has coronary artery disease,” said Morrow. “If she did make it through the surgery, she has coronary artery disease.”

“You’re grieving your child and they’re still here and you have to enjoy all of these moments with her, but you also have to plan and make all of these life-changing decisions,” Morrow said. Morrow reported that the doctors had decided to stop performing biopsies on Aubrie because it would be too stressful on her heart. She stated that even if Aubrie experienced another cardiac arrest, the same decision would be made regarding whether or not she would be placed on life support.

Hospice care has been initiated for Aubrie, and she will now have home visits every two weeks. Her loved ones are making preparations for the end of her life, and they want to make certain that the last moments of her life are memorable. They have a list of things to do before they die, which includes going to a Reds game and taking the kids to the zoo. They want to grant her wish to visit Disney World and the beach through the organization Make-A-Wish.

“It seems unfathomable that a child of only two years old could be as strong as she is. She is incredibly strong. “You know, it’s hard for us with something like that and things that we go through in our daily life,” Morrow remarked. One of the most significant organizations devoted to combating this uncommon illness is the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation. It was stated there is a need for increased research and education at the federal level in order to improve the diagnostic process and treatment options for children like Aubrie. According to the foundation, the most effective method for families to campaign is to share their own personal stories.


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