February 25, 2024
Aspirin Daily May Cause Anemia In Elderly Persons, Research Indicates

Aspirin Daily May Cause Anemia In Elderly Persons, Research Indicates

One of the drugs that the people in the United States take the most frequently is aspirin, according to several studies and surveys. According to studies, more than forty percent of adults aged 60 or over take an aspirin every day to lower their chance of forming potentially fatal blood clots, which can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. This is done in an effort to prevent these potentially life-threatening conditions from occurring.

As a result of studies that indicated it carried an elevated risk of significant bleeding that most certainly outweighed any benefit in preventing initial heart attacks or strokes, the practice of prescribing aspirin as a preventative measure for all elderly patients has been gradually phased out in recent years. This change came about as a result of studies that indicated it was gradually being phased out as a result of recent years.

According to the findings of these trials, the potential for substantial bleeding more than exceeded any potential benefits, such as the prevention of first heart attacks or strokes. Despite this fact, it is occasionally suggested as a prophylactic measure for those individuals who have previously experienced a heart attack or stroke. In some situations, this is indeed the case.

Because it is plausible that aspirin might increase the risk of significant bleeding events like aneurysms, the researchers were interested in determining whether or not it may also be a factor in less severe blood loss. A disease known as anemia, which is characterized by a decreased quantity of oxygen in the blood, could be the result of this type of blood loss. Anemia is defined by a lower amount of oxygen in the blood.

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